The Rise to Mizedom Begins in Lakeland

As most know, Thursday was opening day around Minor League Baseball, most importantly though, it was the opener for Tigers number #1 overall draft pick, Casey Mize. This was my first real look at Mize. We’ve all seen the videos from college and the videos floating around twitter from last summer but it’s always different seeing a guy live and my god it was a special experience.

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Not Just About the Toledo MudHens

That’s right, Farm System Only will be covering some of the other Tigers minor league teams as well. Or, basically, whatever teams we’re in close proximity to. Namely the Toledo MudHens and Lakeland Flying Tigers. You can expect all the Casey Mize content your heart desires, in addition to Toledo-related content.

Also, a couple familiar faces are joining the “team” to provide insight and opinionalysis on your favorite Tigers prospects.

Stay tuned! We might finally be getting this blog off the ground.

Welcome to Farm System Only!

Farm System Only is your new home for Glass Half Fulmer‘s Toledo MudHens content! You can expect lots and lots of photography and an occasional post about the state of the Hens.

There probably won’t be much analysis of the prospects down on the farm as, well, the MudHens team is old as balls, but we hope you enjoy your stay anyway.

Thanks to MonkeyWrench32 for the avatar and banner!